Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wars for Power, Not Again.

Wars for Power, Not Again.
Obama supporters are still seeing stars.
Georgia starts a small war with Russia while we're on vacation in Hawaii?
No way.
Now Obama has a cold, but he's still angry because he knows what happened.
Georgia could not within the realm of human possibilities have initiated the incursion into the caucuses without US support and consent.
Such are our ties.
The predictable Russian over-reaction was music to the ears of...
The Neo-Cons, have done it again and they're getting away with it again too.
We now know that they will stop at nothing.
They rule by creating threats, by starting wars, to make us afraid to even loosen their grip, during a transfer of power.
An Israeli attack on Iran seems grimly unavoidable at this point by 1-20-09.
Can we weather the storm and right ourselves under this barrage?
I wouldn't bet on it, but I pray for it.
Christians and Jews who want Christians and Jews to take over the Holy Lands and the oil fields and the whole Middle East...
Are crazy, but they're in charge.

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