Sunday, April 20, 2008

Love is the ultimate efficiency formula.

Then I realized what love meant. More than romantic or emotional love is the oil that makes the magic of intellectual cooperation possible.

When we truly access each others intellect and pool the results for the good of all we create a super intellect.

This can’t happen without love. When we truly take each others well being as our own we automatically eliminate most of the problems in the world today.

Love is the ultimate efficiency formula.

I believe in god

I believe in god, but I don’t know why. I can’t define god, so why do I believe?

I am afraid to die and I wish there was a god to help me. Is that all there is?

I started my life with this mindset. I was hit by a car and thought I might die when I was six.

I lived and started praying every night to god to give me super powers, to make me superman.

I watched the show religiously in 1961.

One night I heard a voice that I think was god, though I can’t define god.

The voice said, “You can’t be superman, but you can figure out how things work, if you try.”

I did try and I think I’ve figured things out pretty well.

I studied the world as hard as I could until I was an adult and I think I see a set of basic rules for human behavior and interaction that can lead us to something resembling heaven on earth.

It all started with infinity.

As I got older I began to think that the universe truly was infinite. That’s a scary thought at first. That it truly never ends, but goes on forever, more and more forever. More space more matter forever.

Then I began to think that the complexity of the structure of the universe never stops either. There are infinite rules too. That is godlike.

So we do have infinite potential, but is there a true perfection available to us, a true spiritual peace? Can we be like god, happy and good forever?

To be continued…

Why David Brooks Is Mad At Obama

In a recent NYT column titled 'A Speech About Nothing' David Brooks suddenly fell out of love with Barack Obama. There is a link to his column and an excerpt from it below the line on this page. Here is my analysis....

On the economy-

I think his view leaves out the ramifications of the Free Trade agreements signed by Clinton, but passed by a Republican congress. We always knew that it would have been good for Corporate America and investors if the US allowed all of our manufacturing to be done in countries which have none of our labor laws or human rights or environmental standards. We didn't allow that though, for a whole raft of reasons.

1. National Security. As Huckabee said, our manufacturing base saved the world in WWII when we turned it into a war machine.

2. Jobs and living standards. Brooks would say 'Look at the cheap goods', but the way I see it is that most people who lose their manufacturing job see their wages go from about 50k to about 17k per year and the amount that they save per year on cheap goods might only be 2 or 3 thousand dollars. You can only buy so many dvd players and cameras.
Home prices and food prices just keep going up, even before the oil boom. Most of the jobs we have lost were not lost to 'technological efficiency', most of these jobs still exist, in China and elsewhere.

In the excerpted quote below from his column he points out that... "For the first time in the nation’s history, workers retiring from the labor force are better educated than the ones coming in."

I think that has a lot to do with the declining wages and college having gotten more and more expensive with ever more slots being taken up by rich foreigners from countries who are much more protective of their own working class than we are. Even the American kids that work in my office are graduating with astronomical loan debts and when they look at the job market they ask, did I make the right decision to come to college? Of course college grad's make more, but what if you're a college grad stuck in a dead end job owing 75k plus interest? And now they've changed the rules so that they will garnish your paycheck much more quickly than before to get the loan repayed.

I think Brooks is down on Obama now because of all that I just said that David doesn't agree with and Barack does. As for why Brooks liked Obama a few months ago? I don't know, either wishful thinking on his part or pre-emptive spin, to set himself up as a 'valid critic' now.
"A pedagogical revolution has led to ferocious competition to get into the top universities but a decline in quality at the primary and secondary levels. For the first time in the nation’s history, workers retiring from the labor force are better educated than the ones coming in.
All of these huge social forces have had profound effects on how Americans work and live. All of them have combined to create a mass upper class, but also a struggling working class. They have all contributed to rising living standards — and also to the feelings of anxiety that show up in poll after poll."

-David Brooks

Press on Obama

John Harris of Politico is a virtual campaign surrogate for Hillary Clinton. He slams Obama for whining and ignores the fact that Hillary and Bill never stop whining. Good lord "I always get the first question." Please.

The press played and replayed that negative quote of his even though the quality was so poor that you had to trust the media-transcript to decipher it. And only once did I see anyone play the question that was asked of Obama that elicited his response. The questioner had inferred that the people of Pennsylvania might be racist. Obama was clearly trying to defend them against that charge while being polite. It was a very awkward moment indeed, which was misconstrued and overblown and misinterpreted to Obama's detriment by a national press that is clearly not on his side.

And where is the press to defend Obama when Saturday Night Live uses an unattractive white man in black-face makeup to portray Obama as a dumb person, with no humor or wit, meanwhile the use a younger, very attractive actress to portray Hillary as a tough and smart candidate. Hmmm?

The press hasn't even bothered to ask Clinton how she feels about Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity campaigning FOR HER five days a week on their radion shows.

Come on.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obama Quote from tonight in Harrisburg

"I am told everyday by the Republicans and by my opponent and by my wife, that I don't know everything, but I tell you one thing, I will tell you how I feel, honestly, about the issues at hand and we will come to an honest agreement about how to move forward."

Obama Quote from tonight in Harrisburg

"I am told everyday by the Republicans and by my opponent and by my wife, that I don't know everything, but I tell you one thing, I will tell you how I feel, honestly, about the issues at hand and we will come to and honest agreement about how to move forward."

Barack Needs A Pope-Mobile

He's that big

And he's that good

Friday, April 18, 2008

Black Reagan

Obama is...

Black Reagan!

Yeah baby!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Honest Obama

Obama tells the truth,
And I have got the proof,
On all the Sunday talk shows now
He makes their brains come loose!

Bill Clinton tells his lies,
And shows his racist side,
Hillary’s as phony
As her butt is big and wide!

They think free trade is great,
But our jobs are on the plate,
They take their dirty money
Then they open up the gate!

Obama is his name,
Honesty, his game.
No he can’t bowl,
But listen bro’
He’ll make us great again.
Our nation great again.
America will win!
The End