Sunday, April 20, 2008

I believe in god

I believe in god, but I don’t know why. I can’t define god, so why do I believe?

I am afraid to die and I wish there was a god to help me. Is that all there is?

I started my life with this mindset. I was hit by a car and thought I might die when I was six.

I lived and started praying every night to god to give me super powers, to make me superman.

I watched the show religiously in 1961.

One night I heard a voice that I think was god, though I can’t define god.

The voice said, “You can’t be superman, but you can figure out how things work, if you try.”

I did try and I think I’ve figured things out pretty well.

I studied the world as hard as I could until I was an adult and I think I see a set of basic rules for human behavior and interaction that can lead us to something resembling heaven on earth.

It all started with infinity.

As I got older I began to think that the universe truly was infinite. That’s a scary thought at first. That it truly never ends, but goes on forever, more and more forever. More space more matter forever.

Then I began to think that the complexity of the structure of the universe never stops either. There are infinite rules too. That is godlike.

So we do have infinite potential, but is there a true perfection available to us, a true spiritual peace? Can we be like god, happy and good forever?

To be continued…

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