Sunday, April 20, 2008

Press on Obama

John Harris of Politico is a virtual campaign surrogate for Hillary Clinton. He slams Obama for whining and ignores the fact that Hillary and Bill never stop whining. Good lord "I always get the first question." Please.

The press played and replayed that negative quote of his even though the quality was so poor that you had to trust the media-transcript to decipher it. And only once did I see anyone play the question that was asked of Obama that elicited his response. The questioner had inferred that the people of Pennsylvania might be racist. Obama was clearly trying to defend them against that charge while being polite. It was a very awkward moment indeed, which was misconstrued and overblown and misinterpreted to Obama's detriment by a national press that is clearly not on his side.

And where is the press to defend Obama when Saturday Night Live uses an unattractive white man in black-face makeup to portray Obama as a dumb person, with no humor or wit, meanwhile the use a younger, very attractive actress to portray Hillary as a tough and smart candidate. Hmmm?

The press hasn't even bothered to ask Clinton how she feels about Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity campaigning FOR HER five days a week on their radion shows.

Come on.

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Joe Rowe said...

Yes,"out of context" is often the way things are spun. I don't think your S.N.L. comment is correct or relevant.