Friday, September 21, 2007

God is talking to us.

There is a nature to our universe that forces us in the direction of goodness and love. Even if this force is only defined by the danger of our mortal lives.

Our little candles of our life are so vulnerable to the whims of great warfare and to the volatility of our advanced technology that allowed for the terrible events of 9-11.

If we don't find peace as nations and as groups and individuals, then our every technological advancement is the enemy of the good. Because these new marvels are reduced to the means of our mutual destruction.

We are a very small planet in the middle of nothing at all that can help us survive, except our sun. Despite all that we have accomplished, we are in greater global peril today than the dinosaurs were when they were eliminated by natural disasters, an issue that we pay no attention to at all.

Only our embrace of cooperation and rejection of conflict can make us safe. To me, God is just another word for 'the way it is'.

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