Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Job Ahmadinejad!

The Iranian President couldn't unload his bushel of olive branches in his visit to Columbia University today, but he made a nice try.

I was red-faced ashamed to hear Columbia President Bollinger introduce Ahmadinejad with a suitcase full of bile worthy of that political pr0-wrestler Sean Hannity. He might as well have said 'Look buddy, we think you people want to kill us, so we're gonna kill you first!' Bollinger was itching for a fight. I wish the Iranian President had re-used his line from 60 Minutes, "This is not Abu Ghraib!"

And will SOMEONE please answer Ahmadinejad's question...'Assuming all accepted history of the Holocaust is perfectly true, then the Jewish people were exterminated by Europeans, by Germans. The Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust. So why must they pay the price?'

He has asked this question many times, but no one ever tries to answer it. I personally am determined that Israel must survive in a peaceful Holy Land, but in order for the Israelis to feel the motivation to make the necessary concessions to bring about that peace, the world must come to know and accept the truth of Israel's creation.

Israel was created in 1948 after WWII by the victorious world powers. Most of the world certainly agreed that the Jewish people of Europe deserved peace, but the results of creating a nation based on race and religion was a victory for Jew-haters worldwide. The creation of a nation for a a specific race vindicated their racism and facilitated their efforts at expunging the Jewish people from their communities throughout Europe.

I believe that Jerusalem should be the capital of the world, governed by the United Nations and the Holy Land should be a democracy.

Just a thought. Love

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