Sunday, September 7, 2008

America's Soldiers are Victors...

Gut check for the left…

I don’t want to bring you down and please don’t think I’m quitting, I’m not.

But at this moment when the Palin nomination seems to have erased any lead we had in the polls, I just want to take a moment to say that I hope we won’t make ourselves physically ill with worrying about this whole thing.

I know that Steve and Lucinda and I have gotten a little ‘blue faced’ at the opposition and we are taking the whole thing very personally. We can’t afford to let politics kill us.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama (and the other side) are living their dreams and win or lose they will come out of all this with more power and fame and money than we can ever dream of. A loss will be easier for them to take than us and we can’t pretend that we’re in their boat.

More important than winning is trying, trying not just to win, but to make things better, to push things in the right direction. We have already accomplished a great deal. When all the campaigning started the conversation was all about whether to stay in Iraq forever or leave soon. Bush and McCain have been pushed by Obama and the Iraqi leadership to accept the fact that our time in Iraq is winding down.

But presidents never win announcing defeat, he needs to say this, I think.

America's Soldiers are Victors...

It's our Strategies that I would change.

If I were president I would have soldiers and victory in Afghanistan,

Where Osama Bin Laden came from,

And we'd have about a 90% better chance of having caught him,

But we will catch him,

In my administration.

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